03: The Work

We cannot think of a better explanation of the role of the CIGO than that offered by JoAnn Stonier, winner of the IGI’s CIGO of the Year Award. Check out her video acceptance speech for her award, which lays out a clear and compelling vision for the CIGO role.

Transcript of JoAnn’s Stonier’s
CIGO of the Year IGI Award
Acceptance Speech

MasterCard continually works to deliver on our longstanding commitment to building information governance into all of our data and product development efforts. To us, data isn’t just bits and bytes, it’s the lifeblood of our organization. In a word, it’s priceless. I know I speak for the rest of the MasterCard team in saying, we are all honored to be recognized as pioneers in this emerging field and profession. The work we are all doing today will define our profession for years to come and with it, comes enormous responsibility.

I’m proud to shoulder that responsibility, contemplating and evaluating new data uses everyday that have the potential to affect every person on this planet. As our business uses of data have changed, our information governance and data privacy team has gone from a team of me to a team of 25 who are immersed with our business partners to improve our data practices everyday and along the way, we’ve evolved from gate keeping to integrating with our business teams to build and improve solutions that enable the growth and advancement of our business.

Today, we are managing data as a strategic asset. And as a global technology company working with financial institutions, our data profile has become more complex and so have the challenges. This is not, a one size fits all field but we are not the only one facing these challenges. We are all the pioneers of this profession and this field.

And every day each of us is breaking new ground finding best new practices. The foundation of any business is the customer’s trust. It’s our most precious asset. So in this rapidly changing times, and times are demanding, I know we’re all up for the challenge. It is our time to lead asserting strategy, building infrastructure, working with regulators, and building partnerships, and defining best practices.

(Note: transcript edited for clarity and context)

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